Registration for the next season is now open. We hope that by September we will be able to run our clinics and rehearsals normally. For new students interested in registering for next year, please email us at

IN PERSON REGISTRATION: Our in-person registration is presently scheduled to take place Tuesday, September 08th. Registration may still be possible during the year, depending on your previous experience and at the discretion of our instructors.

FEES: The ARYO instruction and orchestral program fee is $150 per student (20 instruction weeks per year, September-April), with a family rate if more than one child from the same family is enrolled:

1st family member: full program fee $ 150

2nd family member: 10% reduction $135

3rd and more family members: 20% reduction $120

The Fiddle Group fee is $50 per term (2 terms per year).

Acadia students are welcome to join in with our ensembles for a fee of $25 per term.

We can accept cheque or cash in person, or payment by e-transfer and will coordinate with you for this once your registration has been acknowledged by email and we have sent you your total amount due.

INSTRUMENT RENTAL: Students may rent instruments from ARYO, all in reasonably good condition, on a first-come first-serve basis with regard to availability, at a preferred rate of only $100 for violins and violas and $150 for cellos plus $50 security deposit, due upon pick up. Rentals run September-April and may be extended through the summer for an additional cost of $50. ARYO now has a double bass which will stay at Festival Theatre and can be used for rehearsals and concerts. Students interested in bass can check with their school for a practice instrument or arrange a rental through Long and McQuade.

Please note: Payment is due by the first class in order for students to participate. Cancellations (first term only): If a student cancels by the end of the first month, program fees will be reimbursed, less 50% of first term registration fee (effectively 25% of yearly fee). Non-return of instruments will result in an invoice being sent for the replacement cost of the value of the instrument.